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Bai Tu Long Bay is located some 30km to the east of Vietnam’s number one attraction, Ha Long Bay, but is less visited thanks to its harder-to-reach location and fewer accessible caves. The rewards, however, are worth the little extra effort it takes to get here. Visiting Bai Tu Long Bay is a more peaceful […]


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Bai Tu Long Bay occupies three quarters of Halong Bay World Heritage site and many islands in Van Don, Cam Pha district. Travelling to Bai Tu Long Bay is off the beaten track and promise to deliver many unique experiences, being far away from touristy sites. In this big area, visitors can find a pristine […]


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Bai Tu Long Bay is equally magnificent, yet is less frequently visited. Legend has it that the Child Dragon landed here, creating its spectacular landscape is there many place still secret should you come to recovering with a lot special activities as trekking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing,… also with another activities on the […]


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Bai Tu Long Bay one of new destination of Vietnam and still secret area, if you have limited time about your trip in Vietnam and wish to have a less conventional experience than Ha Long Bay, yet still want to see its natural wonders, this trip is ideal. It showcases some of the most impressive […]